My Pregnancy with Confinement Herbs and Chinese Medicine

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I’ve always wanted to have a child – when I was younger, I couldn’t imagine my future without having a child in the house. I’ve always wanted to start a family with someone and watch my son or daughter grow up and achieve whatever they wanted. I got married to someone I loved and had the same life goals that I did, and we were ready to start a family together. We soon learned that I suffered from fertility issues and was prepared to give up at first. But then, a TCM clinic in Singapore gave us hope.

Somehow, thanks to the help of TCM doctors in Singapore, I write this as a new mother recovering from childbirth. Here’s how traditional Chinese medicine helped me before and after my pregnancy.

Before: Acupuncture for Fertility

I knew I was having fertility issues because no matter how often my husband and I tried, we couldn’t get pregnant. At first, I didn’t want to give up, but it genuinely seemed like I would never get a child. Luckily, as a last resort, I decided to go to a TCM clinic in Singapore. I was already familiar with TCM since my family members prefer it as their method of treating illnesses. After confiding about my fertility issues, my aunt referred a TCM doctor to me, and I went immediately.

The doctor told me that there are two methods I could try to boost my fertility, and if I wanted, I could do both simultaneously. The first method was through Chinese herbal medicine. I was given some herbs that were supposed to balance the disharmony in my body, flush out toxins, and treat deficiencies. The second method was acupuncture for fertility. The goal of acupuncture was to harmonise my body and mind, improve my circulation, and correct any hormone imbalances. It also unblocks any chi or life energy imbalances.

I didn’t think it was possible, but after a few more acupuncture appointments in Singapore, I finally got my positive pregnancy test result. I was finally going to have my first child. My pregnancy proceeded without complications, and nine months later, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

After: Confinement Herbs

Then, my aunt told me TCM could help me after pregnancy, too. After another consultation with my TCM doctor, I got a package of confinement herbs that I’m supposed to take daily for 28 days. The first week of herbs focuses on helping my uterus recover from the stress of childbirth. The second and third weeks of herbs focus on improving my digestive system, so it can absorb more nutrients from my food, resulting in healthier breast milk. Finally, the last week of herbs will strengthen my joints and muscles, increase my vitality, and rebalance my hormones.

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