What Types Of Care Should You Give To Your Face Daily?

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Having a beautiful complexion and healthy skin takes a little work. Need to learn how to take care of your skin? Discover the different types of treatments to include in your beauty routine. Healthy skin, radiant complexion, and supple skin are guaranteed!

Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansing in Metropolitan Skin Clinic for example should be your first beauty reflex of the day. A good cleansing will allow you to eliminate the sebum and impurities that have lodged on your face during the night. You can use different types of facial cleansers. Among them are cleansing oils, micellar waters, foams, gels, and creams. Opt for products with a mild PH and fragrance-free to cleanse the skin of your face without attacking it. Do not rub too hard to avoid stimulating sebum production in your face and avoiding redness.

The Day Cream

You absolutely must have a good moisturizer in your beauty bag and marionette lines treatment  for example. This facial treatment will help you keep your skin supple and hydrated. In addition, moisturizing creams protect the face and external aggressions and slow skin aging. They also form a barrier between makeup and the epidermis and help it stay in place longer. Insist well on the T Zone and the eye contour with your hands for a perfect result.

The Serum

Do you have specific skin problems? A suitable serum will solve them. Serum for dry skin, oily skin, against the signs of aging or revitalizing, purifying, protective, the choice is yours. An infinite number of face serums are enriched with different cosmetic active ingredients.

Makeup Removal

Makeup clogs your skin’s pores and prevents it from breathing. So remember to remove your makeup at night. Your complexion will be more radiant, and your skin will be healthier and softer.

The Night Cream

Just like the day cream, this moisturizer takes care of your skin. Offer perfect hydration to your skin by applying a cream with a light texture before going to bed. This treatment soothes the skin, blurs wrinkles, and gives your complexion a better appearance.

Scrubs And Masks

Perform scrubs and masks once a week to purify and exfoliate your skin. This will give it softness and a smooth, velvety appearance. Be sure to choose a gentle scrub so as not to attack your skin and avoid redness.

How To Take Care Of Your Body Skin?

The body’s skin deserves as much attention as that of the face. To take good care of this skin, you must:

  • Use natural products because those containing chemical ingredients can attack the skin,
  • Prefer the shower to the bath for hydration,
  • Use a soap with neutral pH; without soap

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