vitamin c supplements for acne scars

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A healthy glowing skin is certainly everyone’s dream, especially girls and women. In modern days, there are many skin remedies and treatments to help a person achieve this. From going to a skin specialist, using skincare products and to taking supplements such as vitamin C chewable tablets, the options are endless. One of the common skin issues affecting the skin complexion is acne and its scars. In this article, we will be learning more about vitamin C supplements for acne scars.

Vitamin C is certainly not a new thing in the beauty and health industry. Vitamin C is enriched in many beauty and health products such as beauty drinks or wellbeing supplements. Recently, more skincare products such as serum and skin treatments provided by aestheticians or dermatologists using vitamin C as the main active ingredient are available in affordable prices as compared to a decade ago. Vitamin C supplement is one of the best ways to help treat acne scars. However, not all acne scars can be easily treated solely from supplements.

Acne scars usually happen after the pimples clear up. It is usually treated after a person’s acne has resolved or is under control. Taking vitamin C as supplements for acne scars may work for mild to moderate acne but less effective for serious or deep ones. Hence, it is best to get treated by a dermatologist if you see yourself with really bad acne scars as taking vitamin C supplements may take a very long time to heal if only depending on it. One thing for sure, the longer the acne goes untreated or worsens the blemishes through picking, popping or using the wrong and harsh skin products, the higher the chances of developing acne scars.

Back to our main focus, vitamin C supplements for acne scars. How does vitamin C help to reduce the scars? Vitamin C helps the skin produce more collagen and promotes blood vessels to help transport nutrients to the scar for the new skin to regenerate. Vitamin C also possesses antioxidants properties. This helps to reduce the redness and swelling relating to acne which eventually lead to less acne scars formed. Another benefit of vitamin C for the acne scars is to reduce hyperpigmentation by interfering production of skin pigment known as melanin. This helps the skin look clearer and smoother.

Without a doubt, vitamin C does help with acne scars but bear in mind that this is not the entire case as serious acne scars might still need specific treatments to help reduce its appearance and may take a long time to properly heal. Apart from vitamin C helps to reduce the appearance of the current acne scars, it also helps to prevent future acne breakout scarring through its anti-inflammatory properties. Taking vitamin C as a supplement does not only help the skin but also the body as well. It helps to boost a person’s body immunity level and prevent many diseases.

Now, choosing the best vitamin C supplement may not be easy but it should not be difficult. No matter what form of supplement you are taking either oral or topical one, you should make sure it is approved by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Remember to follow the instructions as labelled on the products. Never overuse any products as it can cause adverse effects. If you are choosing to use topical vitamin C, learn more about its ingredients on how to properly use and what to do or not to do. A good supplement should be stored properly to avoid being oxidised easily as vitamin C can go bad easily and you may end up with vitamin C that does not bring any effect for your skin.

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