How to Overcome your Weight Loss Plateau

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You may have heard about the weight loss plateau. However, are you aware of it? A weight-loss plateau is a situation where you are not losing any more weight.

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If your weight has not changed in nearly two weeks, you have hit the weight loss plateau. Rest assured that diet is not the reason for hitting the plateau. The chances of you losing the fat could be higher, but you may have retained some water or your bowel movements were not regular in the past couple of days. If your weight has not changed in the past two weeks of dieting, consider being stuck on the plateau.

Some fat-loss facts to remember

Before covering the ways to breaking the plateau, consider a few facts about losing weight.

  1. Expect weight-loss plateaus

Rest assured that the human body is stubborn when it comes to losing fat. It is a common hurdle that all have to cross.

  1. It gets harder with every pound you start to lose

When you start losing weight and become lean, it would be harder for the body to lose fat healthily. Consider preserving muscle and strength when losing fat.

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  1. The comfort zone of the body

Several athletes around the world would have experienced this phenomenon. The body considers having a weight with which it is comfortable. Your natural appetite would maintain a comfortable weight. You begin to feel hungry if you eat less than the appetite your body is comfortable with for maintaining weight.

How to counter the weight loss plateau

Find below a few essential steps to ensure your body weight keeps coming off.

  1. Re-calculating your routine caloric diet
  2. Controlling your hidden calories intake
  3. Increasing your daily cardio target
  4. Embracing your cheat meal
  5. Lifting heavyweights

Rest assured that maintaining a weight under the comfort zone would need continuous work and effort. It could be anything ranging from increasing your cardio exercises to restricting your calorie intake.


For weight loss goals, consider adhering to the basic principles – eat less, eat better, and exercise regularly. It would be a boon for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, for those who have trouble with the weight loss plateau; consider the aforementioned tips to ensure you keep losing weight until you reach your weight loss goals.

It would be pertinent to remember that your weight loss goal is a marathon and not a sprint.

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