Competencies and Skills of Criminal Lawyer

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The criminal lawyer is the lawyer who defends the person with a criminal charge. The criminal lawyer should have  many skills to fight these kinds of cases. These charges on the defendant can be rape charges, domestic violence, harassment, murder, etc. Working on this kind of case needs a lot of concentration, analysis, and observation power. The lawyer should have many skills for these cases. The success of the case depends on the lawyers’ skills. Here is the list of all necessary skills, a criminal lawyer should have: 

  1. Writing skills: writing skills of the lawyer should be very good. 
  2. Speaking skills: the oral speaking of the lawyer should be very nice, convincing, and argumentized. Can easily put the important point in front of judges. 
  3. Investigation skills: the investigation skill of the lawyer is the most important part. One should investigate the whole case and make a list of all important points. 
  4. Analytical skills: it should be very nice. The lawyer should have good analytical skills to analyze the main point and results, consequences of the case. If you are looking for a New Westminster criminal defence lawyer, you can find them online. 
  5. Research skills: the lawyer must have good research skills. Can manage all cases by himself and make proper research of crime codes, procedure, and other important points. 
  6. Creative thinking: the criminal lawyer should have very sharp creative thinking. Lawyers can analyze the whole case and creatively reduce the complexity of the case. 
  7. Legal knowledge: the attorney should know all the important legal rules and regulations of the government, state, and locality. 
  8. Experience: the lawyer should have years of experience. 
  9. Interpersonal skills: the lawyer should have very nice interpersonal skills. He should have a relationship with the client personally to get connected to the case in depth. It is important to make clients and retain clients. 

These are the main competencies and skills of a criminal lawyer. 


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