The Reason Why Addiction Professionals All Over The Country Rely On Soberlink

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Increasing rates of relapse among those recovering from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) as a result of the global COVID-19 epidemic have prompted treatment providers to look for new ways to help their patients.

The epidemic has, fortunately, demonstrated the efficacy of virtual ways of aftercare, making it simpler for Treatment Professionals to maintain consistent contact with clients and incorporate useful technologies into treatment plans. Comprehensive solutions like Soberlink are crucial in recovery management due to the rise of tele health sessions and online support groups.

Soberlink: what is it?

Remote alcohol monitoring device Soberlink records periods of sobriety in real-time via wireless communication. This is helpful for those working in the field of treatment since it allows them to intervene quickly in the case of a relapse. Soberlink’s alcohol testing equipment employs a calibrated breathalyzer and flexible scheduling to foster responsibility and predictability, two factors crucial to sobriety. Soberlink’s automatic Advanced Reporting helps persons with AUD prove their abstinence from alcohol, helping them to regain the confidence of their loved ones. Because of this function, Treatment Professionals are able to keep tabs on their patients’ alcohol use and better respond to their patients’ unique requirements by addressing potential causes of relapse.

Associate Organizations of Soberlink

Soberlink’s wireless breathalyzers are an integral part of alcohol rehabilitation programmes around the country. Soberlink’s cutting-edge technology is improving the quality of life for patients in treatment centers around the country, from New York City’s Accountable inpatient facility to Houston, Texas’ Luna Recovery outpatient programme. Professionals in the field of addiction recovery for many years, such as Dr. Jim Tracy, have begun recommending Soberlink as a therapy adjunct. Soberlink monitoring device reviews help you more understanding about Alcohol Monitoring.

Soberlink, which started up in 2010, was the first startup to focus only on alcohol monitoring from a distance as part of addiction therapy. Soberlink has over 150,000 users and has processed over 40 million tests since receiving FDA 510(k) approval for medicinal use. Word-of-mouth is a common way for treatment professionals to learn about new tools, and this trend suggests that professionals who find success using Soberlink will spread the word to their colleagues.

The team at Soberlink is committed to eliminating the social stigma associated with alcohol monitoring by creating cutting-edge tools that don’t draw attention to themselves. Soberlink’s remote alcohol monitoring devices come in two varieties: the Soberlink Cellular, which sends results wirelessly, and the Soberlink Connect, which syncs with a smartphone to do the same. Each has a sleek and small appearance, and they also come with the latest in facial recognition and tamper detection technologies to make remote testing a breeze.


Soberlink has been demonstrated to aid in and enhance the recovery process, both anecdotally and in scientific investigations. Soberlink helps persons with AUD maintain their sobriety and develop constructive routines by providing them with support and encouraging them to set and stick to goals. With this system in place, Treatment Professionals may better assist their patients, provide them with the resources they need to avoid relapse, and operate in a more contemporary manner.

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