Yoga 101: The Benefits Of Hybrid Type Of Yoga

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Yoga is transformative. If you want to be hanging from the sky, you should try the hybrid type of yoga. Providing many physical and mental benefits, even fun acrobatics, aerial yoga is fastly gaining stride as the therapeutic and accessible yoga option.

Aerial yoga is combined with traditional yoga poses using an aerial hammock

What is this hybrid yoga all about?

Hybrid yoga is a blend of traditional asana and yoga philosophies with aerial arts. The silk fabrics or ropes hanging from above aid practitioners in forming body shapes. You can fully be supported by the silks, even lying down entirely like in a hammock or wrapping the silks around the particular body parts that keep other parts on the floor. To hang fully or suspect individual body parts is believed to create traction and open the body more intuitively and gently when you are on the floor.

The ropes and silks are helpful for balance. Many aerial yoga classes have acrobatic elements, and growing classes and teachers are using aerial silks more therapeutically.

Advantages of this hybrid yoga

The hybrid yoga is a blend of arts and athletics offering different physical and psychological benefits, such as:

  • Traction and joint decompression. The hanging upside down and inverting decompresses the joints that compress over time due to age and gravity.
  • Enhanced balance, stability, and flexibility. The study observed aerial athletes, with exceptional flexibility, strength, and balance.
  • Reduced risk factors for heart disease. Hybrid yoga was found to have an essential reduction in the risk factors incorporated with cardiovascular heart disease.
  • Enhanced mental health. There are essential improvements in stress and depression levels when people practice aerial arts. It seems to bode particularly well for this type of hybrid yoga, which applies yogic philosophies and is less competitive and more accessible than the formal acrobatics or circus-based class.,
  • Low to moderate intensity. A 50-minute hybrid yoga aerial burns upwards of 300 calories, which makes it a form of low to moderate-intensity exercise.

Is this type of yoga possible at home?

Yes! Anyone can do this at home and without renovating the entire living room. Many yoga teachers of this yoga hybrid teach private clients performing in-home sessions. It can be less intimidating when learning face-to-face. Some ropes or swings are connected to metal framing, which allows you to fly inside or outside.

You may also set up silks or ropes around the sturdy support beams like tree branches or exposed front porch beams, which is similar to the way you have traditionally handled the hammock. Some veteran aerialists have ropes and aerial silks installed directly to their ceilings.

Aerial class

If you attend an aerial class, it is aerial-focused and needs your body. Wearing well-fitted activewear with decent coverage is recommended because the silks and ropes rub against the skin. The more direct skin contact and less obstruction, the better.

There are classes for this type of hybrid yoga. If you think that you need it, then you can take it for your health and fitness exercise routine.

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