What to Do in Case You Suffer from Severe Hand Injuries

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Have you ever been to a hand specialist in Singapore? Your hands help you do everything from cooking to sewing, lifting weights, eating, writing, and more. We use them in so many of our mundane, everyday activities that we almost forget their importance. What happens when we experience hand issues? We realise firsthand just how important these body parts are.

You’ve probably heard about carpal tunnel syndrome and other hand conditions we have to guard against. But what if we get into an accident and sustain injuries? Hand trauma can be sudden and unexpected. In some cases, they may even lead to hand surgery in Singapore!

What is the best course of action if you get into a hand accident?

  1. Immobilise your hand. If you sustain any hand injuries like broken bones or fractures, moving your hand can only harm it even more. Leave it alone and don’t try to realign any broken bones.
  1. Apply ice onto the hurt area. If your hands are not bleeding but have sustained bruises and severe swelling, apply ice quickly onto the area. As an alternative, you can also choose to use a cold compress. This can reduce pain and provide you with some form of relief.
  1. Call a doctor. Is the pain too severe? Call a hand doctor in Singapore. If the situation is serious, it might be the one thing that can save the use of your hands.
  1. Stem the bleeding. You can do this by applying gentle pressure on the wound. Use a clean cloth or bandage to limit the bleeding. Remember to make sure to use clean materials.

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