What Is TB-500 Peptide And What Are Its Uses and Benefits

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TB-500 is exactly similar to a protein peptide that our body produces called the Thymosin Beta-4, commonly used by veterinarians conducting clinical trials on horses. It has good healing properties in case of any injuries. Thus, it is used during horse racing to increase the performance of the horses and to lower the chances of injuries. 

Thymosin was first discovered by Alan Goldstein who was working in the Lab of Abraham White at Albert Einstein College of Medicines in New York. It was the year 1960 where he was studying how the thymus gland was important to develop the vertebrae immune system. Since then, Dr. Alan started with the production of thymosin alpha 1 which was found to be improving the immune system and was helping in healing and repairing the wound. 

TB-500 is not a prescription drug. The first human usage was done in the year 1974 where a young girl was injected with this thymosin due to the non-functioning of her thymus gland. Later on, many of the athletes and biohackers were seen using this compound.

 It is said that TB-500 has the same effects like that of the growth hormone (GH) such as:

  • Increasing the strength by improving muscle growth
  • Providing greater endurance
  • Accelerating the healing of wounds
  • Help to reduce the level of acute/chronic pain including the inflammation
  • Increase in the growth of hair
  • Improving flexibility

You can buy thymosin beta 4 at a number of online stores including Core Peptides. This company provides high-quality peptides with 99% purity. Their product TB-500 can help with a quick healing process for injuries, especially for brain and neurological ones. 

How does TB-500 work?

The main function of TB-500 lies in the up-regulation of cell-building proteins such as the actin. Actin are that kind of multi-functional protein that forms together with myosin creating the contractile filaments of muscle cells. They are also involved in the movement and motions of similar types of cells. 

Due to this actin protein, TB-500 works better to increase the growth, migration, and proliferation of the cells along with the healing process. As it also creates new blood vessel pathways, it reduces the inflammation which improves the healing process of the injury.

One great feature about this TB-500 is that it has a lower weight molecular structure which makes it easy to travel to longer distances in our body and that too at a faster rate. This acceleration in their movement makes it easy for them to quickly run to the injured places and start the healing process immediately. 

Thymosin Benefits and Uses

The following are the benefits of TB-500:

  • It works as a regenerative therapy, which can work for neurological injury and degradation
  • It has been found helpful to treat liver problems like liver fibrosis 
  • It is useful for treating nerve cell damage which happens in conditions like peripheral neuropathy.
  • It can also heal ligament injuries. Along with that, it can restore the biomechanical movement in that individual within 4 weeks of the injury.

How to Use them?

TB-500 can be delivered to an individual in 3 different ways:

  • Subcutaneous injections: Where you pinch the area of the skin near the injury and you insert the injection in it
  • Intramuscular injections: Here the needle needs to be stabbed into the muscle near that area where there is the injury or you experience pain
  • Intravenous injection: Here the needle is inserted directly into the veins of the muscles like that of the wrist, elbow, or back of the hand. 

The last one is pretty tough and you need medical supervision to do this act.

Side Effects of TB 500 Peptide

There are no such reports which say that TB 500 can cause any significant harm to an individual. So below side-effects are something reported by people but it is completely anecdotal:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Head Rush
  • Fatigue

These are the most common ones which usually subside after your body gets used to the high dosage of TB 500. There are also some other most rare side-effects like skin irritation, excessive water retention, dry mouth, and high blood pressure. 

There are also rumors related to TB 500 and cancer, which are not true and are made from some wrong interpretation made of scientific failure.

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