What are the Most Common Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

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It is essential to have healthy teeth because they contribute to an attractive physical appearance. Professional oral care that targets the aesthetic improvement of teeth is known as cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center is a leading provider of cosmetic dentistry in Waterford, offering both elective and essential treatment solutions for patients looking for the perfect smile.

There is a broad spectrum of procedures offering different results. Therefore, the kind of treatment suitable for you depends on your needs and the current state of your teeth. Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures offered at Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center include:

  1.     Teeth whitening

This procedure is one of the most commonly sought-after by patients looking to enhance their smile. The perfect smile comprises white teeth. However, lifestyle habits like smoking, consuming colored foods, or poor dental hygiene (which leads to plaque accumulation) can cause teeth discoloration.

The loss of the white enamel pigment is sometimes so severe that the dentists recommend a teeth whitening procedure to restore desired results. During a teeth whitening session, you should expect your dentist to remove any plaque buildup and then use a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide to achieve a lighter shade.

  1.     Dental implants

A dentist will recommend a dental implantology procedure for patients with lost or severely damaged teeth. The process involves the insertion of a titanium screw on the jaw. However, the dentist will first conduct a tissue transplant and then perform the implant for patients lacking enough periodontal tissue.

Although the implant is a tooth replacement solution, it requires a dental crown to provide natural-looking results. Patients need to maintain optimal dental hygiene during the implantology procedure to prevent any infections in the area.

  1.     Dental veneers

Patients looking for a solution to resolve noticeable gaps between teeth or crooked and cracked teeth can benefit from dental veneers. A dentist usually applies these dental appliances using an adhesive at the front of each tooth. Dental veneers are typically custom-made ceramic caps, and the results are exceptionally realistic.

  1.     Composite bonding

This cosmetic treatment is one of the most affordable procedures for cracked, damaged, decayed, or discolored teeth. Before the procedure, the dentist should first drill out the tooth decay.

Composite bonding involves sculpting specific material on the tooth surface then sculpting it into the appropriate shape. The procedure also includes the use of high-intensity light, which cures the composite in place.

  1.     Inlays and Onlays

Your dentist can leverage this procedure if you have disoriented or damaged teeth mainly due to mild to moderate decay. These indirect fillings are an option for patients lacking enough teeth structure to support fillings. Our oral care provider will place the inlays directly onto the teeth’ surface. However, for significantly damaged cusps, Onlays are used to cover the whole tooth.

It is essential to commit to regular dental visits for your doctor to monitor your oral status and thus recommend any preventative and restorative treatments that will preserve the health of your teeth. Contact Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center to schedule a consultation appointment to understand which cosmetic dentistry procedure will help enhance your smile and boost your self-esteem.

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