The Immune System: Tips To Boost Immunity

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Several mechanisms and supplements such as can be implemented to improve your body’s performance. We separate 9 tips to help you increase your immunity:

1. Invest In Food

Eating healthy Invest in options such as strawberries and oranges, as they are rich in vitamin C. They are great sources of nutrients and can be consumed in different ways, such as juices. Other citrus fruits such as pineapple, lemon, and tangerine are great options for consumption because, in addition to vitamins, they are antioxidants and help fight age.


Aside ZMA®-5 Recovery, another option that serves as one of the tips to increase immunity is meats, such as chicken and fish. They contain iron, which helps in immune responses, and zinc, a vitamin that strengthens our defense system. Some fish options, such as salmon and sardines, are essential sources of Omega 3, which is also ideal for boosting immunity. In addition, they are still meats that have anti-inflammatory functions.

2. Practice Physical Activities

Getting out of a sedentary lifestyle is necessary to help the immune system, so practicing physical activities regularly will increase the body’s defense, as it will not be inert. In the continuous practice of exercises, some specific cells, such as lymphocytes, will increase their rate, so the production of antibodies to destroy invading agents in the blood will have a greater volume. As a result, your body is protected, and you can maintain a physical activity routine, following the WHO recommendation of 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

In addition to helping to hydrate the body, water consumed in the necessary parameters will ensure that the airways are moist and, consequently, prevents allergies and infections from reaching your body. Another impact of optimal water consumption is cell renewal, so don’t forget to drink the recommended amount of at least 2 liters a day.

And natural foods are a great tip to increase your immunity and maintain quality of life, as your body will work more naturally and effectively, so the immune system will have better responses to defend your body. So, look for options that you can eat moderately and that supply the necessary calories for your day. Among the foods that increase immunity, some options are essential!


4. Have Hygiene Habits

We’re talking about immunity, so be careful with your body. Maintaining primary hygiene care is the least that everyone can do to maintain the body’s harmony, so wash your hands with soap often, use gel alcohol if you are on the street and have had contact with objects that may have passed your hand, and brush your hands. Teeth frequently. It is necessary to seek primary hygiene care and make it a habit to keep the body healthy and ward off diseases and infections.

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