Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is designed to serve our clients and readers with the safety and get them aware of the privacy law. Make sure that you go through our Privacy Policy so that they can easily understand why we collect their personal information and how we handle the data we collect about our readers and customers.

What information do we collect?

People who visit our blog/website may or may not register with us and provide the details such as their Email ID, name, contact address, credit card information on other details required on our blog. This information is collected either to enhance the quality of the information we provide or to clear the payments of their order. We also collect this information in order to send subscription programs and newsletters, subscribe to use the information that is available on our website.

How we use the information from our clients?

  • We use your information to personalize your experience on our blog/. A website that helps us in delivering the best products and other offers that might be of best interest for you.
  • We use the information to enhance the quality of the content on our blog with the intention to best serve you
  • To  make solid customer service  and respond to you well
  • To make sure that your transactions are complete without any hindrance,  prevent scams and quick  services,
  • To admission offers, surveys, and promotions
  • To  send  periodic  newsletters, emails  that are related to the information about the latest product upgraded on our blog

How we protect your information?

We make sure that our website/ blog is tightly sealed and there are no loopholes. We also keep on updating our security methods from time to time to avoid scams and frauds, false information. We try to eliminate all the vulnerabilities for each and every person who visits our blog.  We use top-notch malware scanning programs. You can make sure that all your personal information is safe in our hands because there is a secured network working behind our blog. The information you provide is only accessible to the systems that have rights and guarantee to keep your information confidential.

Do we accept ‘cookies’?

Of course, why not! Many times, users allow the cookies, which means that they have given a right to any site or service provider you may contact to transfer cookies (small files) to their computer’s hard drive via a web browser. This way, the system of the website or service provider gets permission to identify your browser and make sure to reminisce some of your information. The only motive why we use cookies is to provide our users with the best experience according to their past and current website activities. This is where we are always intended to offer enhanced services to our customers.

By gathering data about the website traffic & website interaction, we compile to give our users enhanced tools and website experiences in the future time. It depends on a user whether or not he or she wants to accept the cookies if not, they can turn off the cookies by accessing the settings of your web browser. Some services may or may not function well in the case of disabled cookies.

How to withdraw, modify, or eliminate your information with us?

We have also given this option to our visitors, which is about opting out, eliminating or changing the information they have shared with us. It is only possible if you will contact us or communicate with us through Live Chat. We do not share your information with any other individual or entity, you can stay stress-free about it. Even, we regularly take steps to make sure that your personal data is treated securely, eliminating the chances of transferring your data to anyone.

Third party disclosures and links

We do not trade, sell or transfer to third party websites when it comes to your personal data or info. But, non-personally discernable information of visitors may be given to other parties for advertising, marketing, or other uses.

While on the other hand, we may offer or have third party links on our site, which will not violate our privacy policy because they have their own independent and separate privacy policies. Hence, we do not take any responsibility for these websites’ activities and content.