Is It Safe for Kids to Try TCM in Singapore?

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Is it safe for children to try traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore? It is the question most parents ask before letting their kids try acupuncture, massages, and TCM diet. Sure, parents don’t want to risk their kids’ health over a medical practice that is not well-known compared to western medicine. So, for more knowledge about TCM, here are the things every parent should know about TCM for kids.

1. Infants Can Undergo TCM Treatment

TCM in Singapore is safe even for infants as long as you consult a licensed physician. However, infants have unique treatment methods since their health is not yet developed. TCM for kids is also suitable for flu, cough, and constipation.

2. Non-Invasive Treatments

Most physicians don’t advise children to try acupuncture because needles can be more painful for them. They offer more non-invasive treatments like massages that improve blood flow and body energy.

3. Western Medicine Can Go Along with TCM

These two types of medical practice can work together for faster recovery. You can visit your paediatrician at a hospital and go to a TCM clinic in Singapore to learn more about your children’s condition. The medicines and the TCM approach can also increase the rate of recovery.

4. Strengthen the Immunity

Traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore is a holistic approach to improving the overall health of your body. TCM can build up your kids’ energy and enhance the organ system, which leads to more robust immune systems. Just make sure to find the appropriate treatment methods for your kids to avoid side effects.

5. TCM is not for Medical Emergencies

Yes, TCM in Singapore also has limitations because it can’t help you during medical emergencies like high fever, injuries, appendicitis, etc. It’s better to consult a medical doctor first before going to a TCM clinic to get other treatments.

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