How should you prepare for a Medical Emergency?

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What would you do when your loved one or a friend is in a medical emergency? Are you aware of what you have to do when you accompany them to the emergency room? For a grave medical problem, you would be required to call the emergency services and be ready to cater to them adequate and important information about the health of the person.

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Providing appropriate information to the medical staff

It would be important for you to provide important health information to ambulance paramedics. You would be required to register the person at the emergency room. Rest assured that additional information would be included in providing insurance documentation. Medical staff, doctors, and nurses would have several questions to inquire about. Appropriate answers to these questions would assist them in making vital and critical decisions. You would be required to take charge in a medical emergency.

Preparing for medical emergency

Usually, when you come across an emergency, the chances of you calling the relevant medical staff would be higher. However, if the person is unable to communicate due to his or her situation, you do not have appropriate medical records; you were in another country, on a vacation, or even commuting, what would you in such a situation.

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Your best bet would be to prepare an emergency document. It should include the medical information of the person with a condition. The document should be visibly placed where it could be changed or reprinted. It should be inclusive of name, address, contact information, allergies, and prescription medications. Ensure to add essential comments that could become vital in an emergency.

The document should be folded and kept with the person having a condition at all times. It should read `in case of emergency` in big and bold letters on the front. It would ensure that your loved one, having a medical condition, would receive immediate medical help in an emergency.

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