How my Eye Doctor from Singapore Fixed my Cataract

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Before becoming a senior, I never experienced any eye or vision complications. I was blessed enough to live my younger years with a 20/20 vision and only got far-sightedness in my 50s. However, as I entered my 60s, I started experiencing a cloudy and blurry vision that I couldn’t rub out. As the symptoms worsened, I knew I couldn’t keep ignoring them, and an eye doctor from Singapore diagnosed me with cataracts. But now, I’ve almost fully recovered from my cataract surgery with no complications. Here is the story of my cataracts so you know what to do if you ever encounter these symptoms.

The Symptoms I Experienced

I had a clear vision all my life, so when I started to get my cataract symptoms, I immediately knew something was wrong. The most obvious sign, which people associate with cataracts, is blurry and cloudy vision. However, as time passed, more symptoms began to show themselves. My sensitivity towards light worsened, and when I could look at light sources, they always had a halo around them. The colours began to look more faded to me. Eventually, I decided to go to an eye clinic in Singapore when I started to have double vision because it often made me dizzy.

When I arrived for my appointment, the eye doctor performed a retinal exam to look closely at my eye. He diagnosed me with cataracts, which I had already suspected, and suggested surgery to fix the problem. He told me that the cataract surgery cost in Singapore costs $3000 to $8000, but considering the cataracts were affecting my daily life, I agreed to the surgery.

Before and After Surgery

With the cataract surgery in Singapore scheduled, the eye doctor prescribed me some antibiotic eye drops and advised me to prepare for the surgery in the upcoming days. The eyedrops were there to prevent any infection in advance, so I took them at the prescribed times. I didn’t eat at all on the day of the surgery, as having food in my stomach might cause complications during the surgery. Finally, I asked my oldest child to take me to and from the doctor afterwards, as I won’t be able to drive myself home.

Recovering from cataract surgery in Singapore was easy, and I didn’t experience any complications. The first few days were irritating since my eye frequently felt itchy, and I wasn’t allowed to touch it. However, I did have a bandage over it to prevent me from touching it too much. The doctor prescribed me another type of eyedrop that I regularly took; by the third day, I was starting to see clearer. It has been nearly two months, and my eyes feel like new.

Pay attention to any issues that arise with your vision. After all, losing one of your five senses can be devastating. Go to Nova Eye Centre immediately if symptoms start to show so that you can get the proper treatment from an experienced and licensed eye doctor in Singapore. View their available treatments or scientific and media publications by visiting their website.

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