As a visitor to our website, you should go through our disclaimer’s page to avoid any issues. So, we share the needed information with you, read it:

Social bookmarks

Our website may have social markers that can be detected with their respective buttons. What are social bookmarks? These allow consumers of some social networks to get the selected links of website pages published in their profiles of different social networking websites. This way, they can mark them as favorite ones, or share them with their social media contacts. The more chances, people comment on these pages, these activities and comments are not subject to the approval, control, or supervision of website. And we are not held responsible for them.


Of course, our website may have third party links or content to other sites. We provide these third party links for the information and convenience of the users. This is why we do not have control over the activities of third-party links, no responsibility. We do not offer any assurance or issue any statement with respect to the website pages or contents of third parties, which include but not restricted to its purpose, accuracy, topicality, or quality. Neither of those web pages that frame or link the website.

Those individuals who have shared website communications or interactions via social bookmarking are not legalized to speak in the place of our website. Moreover, they cannot represent our website. Of course, we value their opinions and feedbacks, which should be considered in an exclusive manner as their own. But these feedbacks should not be taken as a website. It is also important to know that the provisions involved in terms and conditions provided by us in relation to the links can also be considered for applying to social bookmarking.

Data related to all visitors to sites

Generally, our website accumulates certain usage information automatically. The data may include frequency and numbers of visitors to our website. Our professionals use this data in the cumulative. Once the data is collected, then it can help us know the number of visitors come to us from different pages of the website. This way, we try to improve our website in any manner by giving it an attractive look as possible. For a glance, our website relies on technology, which is known as cookies that can help us know when and how pages are visited on our site along with the number of visitors visiting it.

Data related to you

We are full-fledged with security to our website. It states that if you share anything with us related to you, then we do not give it to others. In addition to that, sometimes we can ask for your valuable suggestions, opinions, and feedbacks about your preferences and interests. This is done due to the fact that we can get benefited from the interactivity of the internet technology, which is known as the online medium. However, we do not force you to answer these questions or queries. It completely depends on you whether you want to give your responses to them or not. If you go ahead, then we tend to make use of this data or info to guide or make yourself aware about the additional set of services and products you may be willing to buy.

In any case, if you do not want such information to be shown or received by you, then you can have a chance to stop seeing or receiving it and it can be made possible to you by mentioning it in the web form that you need to fill out. This is the main thing that can assist you in getting removed from the address list. But we treat anything received to us confidentially.

Amendments in the privacy policy

There are cases, in which we may change our policy, but you do not need to worry at all as we will inform you or give notifications. If it happens, and you will get notified, you can come to know about the thing how we collect the information, how we use it, and we will reveal it to someone or not. It should be your duty to check our disclaimers’ page regularly to be familiar with the latest updates.