Benefits of using Aloe Vera for the skin

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To call Aloe vera the jack of all trades will not be an exaggeration. Part of several Ayurvedic recipes, your grandma’s instant hacks, and sworn by herbalists globally, all at the same time, this plant offers more solutions than you can think of. 

Adding to aloe vera’s versatility is its ease of use. You can simply buy jars of commercially stored aloe vera gel, or simply pluck a leaf, hack at it and scoop the goop out for use. There are no complicated protocols that need to be done to use this gift of nature. 

While aloe vera is also part of many medicines, and some daring folks even eat it for wellness, however, it’s the benefits that Aloe Vera offers for the skin that stand out. 

Aloe Vera is used to treat a wide range of skin issues. It should not however be used as a substitute for any medication prescribed by your Skin specialist in Islamabad. Some of the benefits of aloe vera include:


When your skin turns crisp from spending a little too much time in the sun, aloe vera is your best friend. It helps in treating and soothing sunburns. 


Just as it works to treat burns caused by sun exposure, aloe vera is also an effective topical remedy for burns sustained otherwise. It only works, however, with minor cases. For more severe burns, stick to the instructions given by the doctor. 

Cuts and abrasions 

Cuts and small abrasions may not seem like a big deal, medical speaking, however, they still cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Aloe vera helps to soothe the abrasions and curbs the burning sensation that accompanies these banal injuries. 

Similarly, aloe vera also facilitates the process of wound healing. 


Scars are a bane of everyone’s existence. Aloe vera helps in reducing scars, especially when used as first aid to treat cuts and wounds. 

Cold sores

Nothing is as pesky as cold sores, that prevent you from eating, smiling, and drinking in peace. An easy solution to this discomfort is applying aloe vera gel to the sores. 

Cold sores are common especially in the case of the herpes virus, and therefore, aloe vera is an excellent remedy for this viral infection. 

Inflammatory acne 

Inflammatory acne is an extremely painful state to be in. So much pain accompanies the already distress state known as acne. 

Since aloe vera is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, it helps to soothe the breakout of inflammatory acne. 

Skin toner 

Skin toners help in reducing the appearance of pores. They also help in storing the pH of the skin, alongside protecting the skin against impurities and contaminants. Skin toners are also excellent for revitalizing your skin and preventing moisture loss from it. 

Since aloe vera also serves as a skin toner, its properties also include those characteristics of the toners.


Aloe vera helps in hydrating the skin. As it is readily absorbed into the skin, it is especially useful for people who cannot tolerate thick creams. 

Moreover, as aloe vera is not heavy or greasy, it is a perfect moisturizer for those with oily skin. Using thick creams leads to clogged pores and breakouts in such skin types, so, aloe vera works well in such instances. 

Word of caution

Even though Aloe vera is herbal and relatively safe, it is still highly recommended that you patch test first. This entails applying the gel to a small portion of your skin. If you get a reaction, cease its use. For persistent issues, consult the Best dermatologist in Lahore


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