5 Things That Makes Your Bunion Worse Before Surgery In Singapore 

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A bunion is a bony bump that protrudes at the base of the big toe, causing the affected toes to misalign. Some people have a higher chance of developing bunions, such as people with flat feet. Arthritis can also cause bunion formation. You can treat a bunion through surgery in Singapore. There are also conservative ways to treat bunions.

But how can you prevent your bunion from worsening even before surgery? You can avoid it by doing these things:

1. Wearing ill-fitting shoes

Ill-fitting shoes can be too tight or too loose. Wearing tight shoes, especially those that crowd or squeeze the toes, such as high heels, worsen your bunions.

Moreover, loose footwear makes your feet slide forward, with the bunion bumping the inside of the shoes. Ask your ankle specialist in Singapore for the appropriate footwear.

2. Not using orthotics

Orthotics are like shoe inserts specially made to provide support for people with bunions and flat feet. Orthotics help alleviate the pain caused by bunions. An orthopaedic doctor in Singapore usually prescribes orthotics.

3. Being overweight

Believe it or not, your weight can affect the pain caused by bunions. The lower limbs, specifically the feet, carry the entire weight of the body. When there is excess weight, there is also immense pressure and stress on your bunion. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the pain and prevents bunions from worsening.

4. Running

Do you enjoy jogging in the morning? You might want to avoid it when you have bunions. Exercises that stress your feet like running, jumping, and dancing can aggravate your bunions. It is better to stick to swimming. Take it easy on physical activities before and after your Singapore orthopaedic surgery.

5. Not resting your feet

It is vital to give your feet a break, too. Take off your shoes and elevate your feet. You can apply ice or soak your feet in a bucket of cold water if there is pain and swelling.

By avoiding these tips, you might not even feel the pain before your bunion surgery in Singapore.

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