5 Food You Can Eat that Promotes Breast Milk Production

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5 Food that Promotes Breast Milk Production

Here are five foods that new mothers can eat as lactation supplements for better milk supply production.

#1 Fenugreek

Most breastfeeding supplements commonly use this galactagogue herb. These herbs stimulate breast milk production and milk ejection. Many women who consumed fenugreek reported their milk production increased within 24 to 72 hours of consumption.

#2 Oats

Chances are, all of the lactation cookies you ate contain oats. It has long been believed through folk wisdom that oats have breast milk production benefits. However, there is very little scientific evidence that points to its real effects. Nonetheless, the levels of iron in oats might have caused the increase in milk production.

#3 Fennel

Fennel is a leafy vegetable that is also a galactagogue. Many teas and other supplements for breastfeeding mothers contain fennel though it is okay to cook and consume it by itself. It can be eaten roasted, part of a salad recipe, or sliced and served with a dip.

#4 Brewer’s Yeast

Ingesting brewer’s yeast as a lactation drink is another case of traditional wisdom with lots of anecdotal evidence. Many people have said that drinking beer is good for breastfeeding. The ingestion of brewer’s yeast operates on the same premise, just without the hops and alcohol. It is high in B vitamins which helps restore energy levels.

#5 Spinach

A study showed that low iron levels are associated with a low supply of breast milk. The depletion of iron in your body, especially if a postpartum haemorrhage happens, can affect the natural production of breast milk. Eating iron-rich food like spinach can be effective at replenishing your iron levels. You can consume spinach as a lactation drink in the form of a smoothie or as part of your meal.

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