5 Effective Ways To Easily Achieve Sleep Apnea Relief

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You might alleviate some moderate indications of sleep apnea among Singapore adults and children without resorting to invasive surgery through a healthier lifestyle. Advanced therapy by an ear, nose, and throat specialist may be necessary for situations.

If you are currently undergoing sleep apnea treatment, here are some ways that you can do to improve your health.

1. Lower the temperature in your home

According to experts, temperatures around 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for those with sleep apnea. This way, you’ll be able to sleep better at the right temperature without fearing that your symptoms will worsen. It’s also best to consult your ENT doctor in Singapore for recommendations.

2. Utilise aromatherapy

The most popular way to treat sleep apnea among Singapore patients is by using a portable machine that has oils. It shows that eucalyptus or lavender oil can decrease phlegm in your sinuses and airways, making it simpler to inhale while you rest.

3. Eat nutritious food

You can reduce sleep apnea symptoms by switching to a healthy diet. Slight weight loss in obese adults can avoid the need for surgery. Consider asking your ear, nose, and throat specialist about the best type of food that you can only eat.

4. Use a humidifier at night

Humidifiers are devices that increase the moisture in a room. It will help sleep apnea patients in Singapore sleep better because breathing is more manageable. Make sure to keep your humidifier clean and sanitised to prevent the growth of mould and germs.

5. Give yoga a shot

If you are not a fan of intense workout sessions, you can enhance your respiratory endurance and yoga’s breathing routines might also help you increase your oxygen intake. You may also consider consulting your ENT doctor in Singapore if there is any suggested exercise that you can try.

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