5 Common Procedures Performed by Your General Dentist

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Meet Sean Sutton DDS, your go-to expert in all things teeth. He’s not just your average dentist. No, he’s more like a silent superhero ensuring your smile remains bright and healthy. Let’s delve into the world of general dentistry with him, exploring five common procedures that Sean Sutton DDS might perform on any given day. It’ll be an enlightening journey, walking through cavity fillings, root canals, tooth extractions, dental crowns, and routine cleanings. Just imagine – these are all tasks that our tooth hero performs, always ready to combat your dental woes.

Cavity Fillings

Imagine a tiny villain wreaking havoc in your mouth—this is what a cavity is like. The good news is that our hero, Sean Sutton DDS, is on standby. He clears out the tiny terror and fills the void with a material that emulates the look and feel of your natural teeth, restoring your smile in no time.

Root Canals

Don’t panic! Yes, root canals have a daunting reputation, but with Sean Sutton DDS on your side, there’s no need for fear. He swoops in, removes the infected pulp, cleans the chamber, and seals it off. It’s like your tooth gets a fresh start.

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes, saving a tooth isn’t an option. When this happens, Sean Sutton DDS performs a tooth extraction. It’s a last resort, but rest assured, our hero makes the process as painless and comfortable as possible.

Dental Crowns

This procedure is like giving your teeth a regal makeover. When a tooth is damaged or weakened, Sean Sutton DDS will cap it with a dental crown, transforming it into a strong and beautiful piece of your smile again.

Routine Cleanings

Prevention is always better than cure. This is where routine cleanings come in. They are like a spa day for your teeth, where Sean Sutton DDS scrubs away plaque and tartar, leaving your teeth sparkling clean and healthy.

These are just some of the ways Sean Sutton DDS fights for your dental health. Remember, he’s not just a dentist—he’s your silent superhero, ready to spring into action when your teeth need him. So, next time you’re in the dentist’s chair, know that you’re in good hands with Sean Sutton DDS, your champion in the battle for a perfect smile.

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