4 Telltale Signs That You Need Mole Check In Singapore

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Mole normally does not harm. It has melanocytes, a type of skin cell that produces melanin. Melanin gives the skin its colours or pigments. Moles will appear when melanocytes cluster in one spot in the skin. Moles are affected by genetics, meaning they can be inherited. If moles are harmless, then why does a mole check in Singapore exist?

Unlike the less atopic dermatitis in Singapore, melanoma is a skin disease that can be cancerous. It is a type of cancer that starts from the skin cells– the melanocytes. Melanoma’s symptoms usually manifest in moles.

Here are the signs that you need a mole check in Singapore:

1. Painful moles

As mentioned, moles are harmless and should not cause you pain. However, if the moles begin to hurt when touched or are painful by themselves, it is time to visit a doctor for a mole check. Painful moles are signs of melanoma, and they should not be ignored.

2. Itchy moles

There are many reasons why moles are itchy. It could be a nerve irritation in the skin. Sometimes, using chemicals and lotion on the skin after your laser treatment for the face can cause the skin and moles to itch.

However, if the itch is on the mole itself and its appearance begins to change, such as scaling and peeling, then it is time to visit your doctor. The doctor will conduct tests for skin cancer.

3. Bleeding moles

Moles can bleed when the part of the skin with the mole is cut or scraped. Sometimes, raised or bulging moles get caught in jewellery bleeds as well. It is a kind of harmless bleeding.

However, if your moles bleed for no reason or if your mole appears like more of a lesion than a mole, you should refrain from getting a botox treatment in Singapore and visit your doctor first.

4. Getting bigger moles

If you notice that your moles are increasing in size and changing in shape, and have poorly defined borders and varying colours, you should visit your doctor immediately. It can be a sign of melanoma or carcinoma, another type of skin cancer.

More than skin imperfection, moles can be helpful in diagnosing skin cancer early. Always check your moles and observe for these signs. If you are experiencing one of these red flags, visit your doctor immediately.

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