4 Myths And Misconception About Your Chinese Yoga Instructor

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We have a certain image of a Chinese yoga instructor. They are calm, collected, and peace-loving people. They always have bright smiles on their faces and a soft, gentle voice. They have slim and slender bodies and always wear a thin shirt or tank top. But all of these are mere misconceptions and stereotypes. You will be surprised if you find out that your yoga teacher for training in Singapore is just like you, too!

Here are the common misconceptions about yoga instructors:

1. Yoga teachers have a peaceful life.

Perhaps, one of the obvious things you will notice on your first Chinese yoga for beginners class is the serene and smiling faces of the instructors. There seem to be no tensions nor creases from furrowing their eyebrows. Ergo, people think they live a stress-free life.

Like you, yoga teachers get sad, angry, annoyed, and hurt, too. They are better at managing and controlling their stress, which you will also learn in your yoga class.

2. Yoga teachers are unbelievably flexible.

One of the reasons people are embarrassed to attend yoga classes for beginners in Singapore is self-consciousness. They get insecure about how flexible yoga instructors are.

But did you know that at some point in their life, your yoga instructor was as stiff as you? Not all yoga instructors were born with such flexibility. Some learned it through years of yoga.

3. Yoga teachers are vegetarians.

Yoga instructors are known to live a healthy lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean they are all vegetarians.

Having a healthy diet is a better term to describe them. Your Chinese yoga instructor eats what they think is healthy.

4. Yoga teachers have ancient wisdom.

Meditation is a crucial part of yoga. Many people associate meditation with monks who have wisdom, deep knowledge and understanding, and philosophy about life.

Yoga classes also teach similar philosophies and understanding, but the rest of learning about life relies on the unique experiences of the students.

Your yoga instructor is no different from you! You will know them more if you enrol in a Chinese yoga class for beginners.

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