Why Telemedicine Is Crucial For Everyone?

Posted by - November 21, 2022

Telemedicine is the use of technology in order to consult with a doctor. This can include everything from sending photographs of an injury, to using video chat on your phone or computer, or even using an app that tells you if you need to go see a doctor. Telemedicine is not just for those living

5 Care After Amputation

Posted by - November 21, 2022

After the medical team that accompanies him is released, it is necessary to undergo an evaluation by the entire team to define the conduct of his treatment, the choice of his prosthesis, and his adaptation process. Each person is unique, and so are their solutions, so having a team by your side is essential. We

7 Tips To Prevent Your Child From Getting Lice

Posted by - November 19, 2022

  Unlike what many people think, pediculosis, better known as lice, is not caused by poor hair hygiene. The pediculosis of the head is the infestation of the hair by the parasite Pediculus humanus. Lice are small, wingless insects that feed on blood. Transmission occurs through direct contact or using caps, hats, hairbrushes, combs, or

The Immune System: Tips To Boost Immunity

Posted by - November 14, 2022

Several mechanisms and supplements such as Payless Kratom can be implemented to improve your body’s performance. We separate 9 tips to help you increase your immunity: Invest In Food Eating healthy Invest in options such as strawberries and oranges, as they are rich in vitamin C. They are great sources of nutrients and can be

Essential Ways To Protect Your Eyes From Injury

Posted by - November 14, 2022

It’s important to know that your eye health depends greatly on you and your habits, but don’t worry because taking care of your eyes isn’t difficult. This article will explain what can be done to prevent eye problems and ensure good vision. Check out! Keep Your Eye Exams Up To Date When it comes to

HIFU: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Posted by - November 14, 2022

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a ground-breaking, non-invasive aesthetic procedure. It is used for skin tightening and has various advantages, including minimal downtime and no discomfort. HIFU treatments have recently been compared to facelifts. HIFU skin tightening has extremely comparable results to facelifts, but whether this new cosmetic therapy can outperform the decade-old facelifts remains

5 Must-Have Qualities Of A Reliable Physiotherapy Clinic In Singapore

Posted by - November 8, 2022

When you suffer from back pain due to hours and hours of sitting in the office or muscle and shoulder strains from carrying heavy boxes, where do you look for relief? A physiotherapist in Singapore can help you with everything that concerns musculoskeletal problems. Did your child obtain an injury from sports? A physiotherapist can

4 Effective Ways To Handle Knee Meniscus Tear Injury

Posted by - November 2, 2022

A meniscus tear is a painful (but common) knee injury experienced by many athletes. However, even non-athletes can also experience knee meniscus tears due to sudden rotation of the knee or forceful twists. Treatment for a meniscus tear in Singapore can cost up to a thousand dollars. However, there are a few things you can

What to Do in Case You Suffer from Severe Hand Injuries

Posted by - November 2, 2022

Have you ever been to a hand specialist in Singapore? Your hands help you do everything from cooking to sewing, lifting weights, eating, writing, and more. We use them in so many of our mundane, everyday activities that we almost forget their importance. What happens when we experience hand issues? We realise firsthand just how